Marijuana vs. Hemp, what is the difference?

To whom this may have ever been a concern;

What is the number one question we get asked? Good question; Well, Not sure if its the number one question or perhaps the most commonly asked question to the cannabis industry: What is the difference between Cannabis Marijuana and Cannabis Hemp? Is there in fact a difference? Do they grow the same? Are they part of the same Cannabis Sativa plant? What makes them so different? Do Hemp and Marijuana even look the same? That seems like more than one question but its really the same question. Lets look at whats going on in the world and see whats prompting the questions. Its seems that everywhere one turns these days there are CBD and Hemp products that all look, feel and seem very identical to Cannabis Marijuana. But what just is the difference... if there in fact a difference between the two or not? 

The answer is Yes, they are the same; and No, they are different. Whoa!... did we just make this even more confusing! Now, now... let's keep it simple. Well it is actually quite simple: Cannabis Marijuana and Cannabis Hemp are only classifications of the Cannabis plant. Marijuana has a THC content greater than .3% and is thus classified as Marijuana. Hemp has LESS than the .3% THC content and is classified as HEMP... So... They are both the same but one has more THC than the other.. So Yes they are the same but no they have different THC content so they get different classifications and thus we have two versions of one plant: Marijuana and Hemp. Both from one Cannabis Sativa. There are of course many strain variations and each come with their own unique characteristics and natural differences but as far as Hemp and Marijuana is concerned this is dependent on the THC content. 

We hope this is helpful and please feel free to send questions or comments.